Root Pretty

Pearl Mineral Foundation

$ 16.00

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Made from natural minerals & ZERO fillers, our lightweight silky Pearl Powder covers like a dream & lasts until you wash it off.  It can be applied as a traditional powder & also wet for an amazing concealer & full coverage liquid simply by adding a touch of water!


  • As Powder:  Open sifter & tap Pearl Powder into your lid.  Swirl with a Kabuki Brush & tap off excess powder.  Apply all over your face in a circular motion.  Dump excess powder onto open sifter & lock sifter back into place.  TIP: For more coverage do not tap off excess powder, apply a second coat or use our Concealer/Full Coverage liquid directions below.
  • As Liquid for Concealer & Full Coverage:  Open sifter & tap Pearl Powder into your lid.  Run finger under water & mix powder.  Add more powder or water as needed for your desired consistency.  Apply liquid with fingers or our Pretty Blender for an airbrushed finished.  Apply to any areas of your face that you would like added coverage.  Dry your lid & follow with powder.  TIP: Blend liquid into your skin as applying, liquid dries quicker than a traditional liquid makeup, just add more water/powder as needed.