Baked Blush Rose - Certified Organic

$ 39.00

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Rose, the newest color of Antonym blushes, provides that famous pinkish hue, giving your cheeks and your face a healthy radiant tone. Valerie's tip: for a youthful summer look try using it on your eyelids as well.

Antonym Baked Blush imparts a natural radiance to cheeks for an instant, youthful glow. A unique formula offers an irresistible, fresh flush, that everyone loves.

An innovative baking process transforms the blush crème into a finely textured powder. The crème is baked in terracotta pans in a process that naturally binds it into its domed shape. Swirls of color are added to each individual blush before baking, giving every blush its own unique color imprint. 

The baked powder, which retains some of its thick crème properties, feels weightless, ultra smooth and silky when applied to the skin. The combination of transparency and color finish result in colors that are flattering to all skin types