My Top Mission B Picks!

As Co-Founder of Mission B, Danielle Fried, I wanted to include my top picks for the best everyday products I use that we offer on MissionB. Here are my tops picks from our site! Enjoy!

1. I am intrigued by Jillian Wright Encapsulated Vitamin A Dream Cream for my nightly moisturizer. And oh what a dream it is! I started using Jillian Wright's Dream Cream just 3 weeks ago and I have seen a world of difference in my face! The lines on my forehead are almost diminished and my smile lines on my cheeks have seriously decreased! I can't say enough positive things about this paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free and chemical-free moisturizer. So, what is actually in this magical dream cream? The Vitamin A Dream Cream is composed of natural and organic ingredients made from shea butter, encapsulated vitamin a, Indian ginseng and coconut juice, to name a few active ingredients. This stuff works! (Not to be used if you are pregnant or nursing) 

$86 @ 

How to Use: At night, on cleansed or lightly exfoliated skin, apply on face, neck and chest.  


2. My 2nd choice is the Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer. It is perfect to cover up those pesky dark circles and also any blemish spots. Duet is all natural, vegan, peta approved, free of toxins and chemicals and gluten-free. A few key ingredients are avocado, aloe vera and seed butter. I have been using it for a few weeks and have found my skin to be balanced, bright and provides all day coverage.   $24 @ 

3. My 3rd pick is the Coco Rose Lip Polish made by Herbivore Botanicals. Herbivore is an all natural, gluten free focused beauty brand. It is one of my favorites brands and houses many beautiful products that inspire fabulous results. The Lip Polish is the perfect mixture of exfoliate and hydration for your lips.The micro sugar crystals help gently exfoliate the dead skin, while the organic virgin coconut oil and Bulgarian rose absolute soothe and condition your lips for a glossy look.

$18  @ 

How to Use: Gently massage small amount into lips with upward circular motions. Rinse with warm water.


Happy Shopping! 


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