The 3 C's of Makeup Brushes

There are so many different makeup brushes on the market today. It can be very difficult to choose the right one for you. Whether it be for concealer, contouring or foundation, you need to find the right brush that fits with your beauty routine. Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the right brush for you! Just remember the 3 C's of makeup brushes: cost, consciousness and cleanliness. 
1. Cost 
There are two different types of makeup brushes, natural and synthetic. Synthetic brushes are completely man-made, whereas natural makeup brushes go through a harsh and cruel process using natural, animal hair for bristles. Due to the process of how the brushes are made, the synthetic brushes are much lower in cost. Natural makeup brushes can be as expensive as $230 for a foundation brush. Compared to a synthetic foundation brush, whereas one of the most expensive makeup brushes out there, was a fraction of the cost of the natural, at only $89. In fact, you can find synthetic brushes for as low as a few dollars, but the lowest cost of a quality natural brush we could find was around $11. Also, due to synthetic brushes being man-made, they tend to last for twice as long and do not shed, making sure you get your money's worth. 

2. Consciousness 
Natural makeup brushes have bristles made out of animal fur, usually these bristles come from boars, squirrels, goats, minks, raccoons, and badgers. Most likely, the process of obtaining the hair or fur from these animals will have been inhumane. According to Honestly Healthy, "the animal hair make-up brush industry supports and actively enables the fur trade." Animals are often trapped or raised on fur farms and then brutally killed for their fur in inhumane ways. But there is good news! Synthetic brushes are not only cost effective, but by purchasing a synthetic brush you can rest assure that no animal was inhumanely treated or killed to produce your favorite brush. Synthetic brushes are as high in quality, work just as well, if not better and in the next section you will see that they are more hygienic than natural brushes. 
3. Cleanliness 
There are a few reasons why synthetic brushes are more hygienic than natural brushes made of animal fur. Synthetic brushes are easier to clean, they don't hold on to bacteria and dirt as much as natural brushes, they also shed less and many synthetic brushes are allergen free. If you invest in a good makeup brush, it is important to take care of it and make sure it is being properly cleaned. According to Teen Vogue the "downside to dirty brushes is that in addition to applying makeup onto your face, you'll also be spreading germs and bacteria." Even more so with natural brushes, animal hair, just like human hair, it absorbs bacteria. Just like you would wash your hair with shampoo, your makeup brush needs to be washed as well for healthy skin. Synthetic bristles actually repel dirt and bacteria, making them much easier to clean. Also, natural brushes tend to shed a considerable amount more than synthetic brushes. Overall, synthetic brushes are cleaner for your skin by repelling harmful bacteria on the bristles, no shedding makes for less of a cleanup, and pose no threat for those with certain animal allergies.  
To wrap up, synthetic brushes are easier on your wallet, cleaner for your face and cruelty free. The message is clear, switch to a synthetic brush and your health and heart will thank you for it, you can rest assure with a synthetic brush no harm came to any animals and you did not contribute to the cruel and harsh fur trade. Synthetic brushes are easier to clean and attract little to no bacteria. In conclusion, your skin and our furry friends will thank you for choosing synthetic brushes. 

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